** Johnsons baby: New top-to-toe range review + giveaway **

In our house, the evenings are dedicated to family time. We all sit down at the table for dinner and talk about our day, we all tidy up together after dinner and we make bath time as interactive as possible before settling down with a few stories before bed.


The boys’ love bath time, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact not all that long ago, bath time was a bit a battle. So I decided to make it as interactive, loud and colourful as possible. We have bright colours, foam letters, bath crayons, rubber ducks and at one point we even had a singing whale that blew bubbles.


Of course you don’t need to buy a singing, bubble blowing whale to get your kids to enjoy the bath. According to Johnson’s Healthcare Professional Relationship Consultant, Rebecca Bennet just talking your baby though bath time will sooth them and help them feel less nervous. She also suggests that the colour yellow is the colour of energy and stimulates intellect and to fill your baby’s bath with fun yellow toys, which you can then take to your baby’s first swimming lesson to help them feel more comfortable. We actually did this for both of our little ones on their first swimming lessons and it worked a treat, so I’d highly recommend that one!


Johnson's Baby top -to -toe range review


But back to bath time, in our house it’s fun and interactive but when it comes to our baby’s skin we want to use products that not only keep them clean, but also keeps their skin protected. We use a range of products at bath time, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Johnson’s baby and so when I was recently asked to review the New Johnson’s baby top-to-toe range, I was more than happy to accept.


Johnson's Baby top -to -toe range review


Let’s start with the baby bath, this is a really gentle wash that can be used on both hair and skin. Both Bear and Monkey are prone to Eczema, so I have to be really careful with what products I use on their sensitive skin. This baby bath is really gentle on the skin, which is obviously very good for us. It doesn’t foam up too much on a sponge, but it cleans away dirt really well, really easily, which is great as I don’t have to scrub mud off of the boys’ skin, preventing it from becoming sore.


The baby lotion doesn’t feel that thick, but it goes a really long way, so you only need a tiny amount. To be honest we don’t really use lotions on the boys in our house, but I may start using this on me as it leaves the skin feeling extremely soft and nourished.


In the top-to-toe range there is a baby massage oil and a baby massage lotion. I love baby massage (you can read my post on baby massage here) and being sent this range actually got me doing baby massage with the boys before bed again. I forgot how easily they went to sleep after a massage, so I think we will be reintroducing it into our bedtime routine over the next few weeks. If I’m being completely honest, I’m not a huge fan of the massage oil in this range, it does rub in reasonably well but it doesn’t feel all that nourishing and I personally prefer using grape seed oil, which I’ve found great for eczema. Grape seed oil can be a bit pricy though, so I would use the baby massage lotion for when the boys don’t have a flare up. It is quite watery for a lotion, but as it is a massage lotion this is actually a good thing. It spreads easily, absorbs into the skin well and leaves the skin feeling soft and nourished.


Johnson's Baby top -to -toe range review


Which leads me onto the Johnson’s top-to-toe washcloths. I actually came across these last year at a blogging conference and thought they were an incredible idea. We have a lot of travel plans coming up over the next couple of years, so these are going to be on a list of must haves. Especially as one of our planned trips is in a tropical climate. There are only 15 wipes in a packet, but the wipes are at least twice as big as a baby wipe. These would be great for new Mum’s as well who haven’t managed to shower for a couple of days (let’s be honest… we’ve all been there!) The wipes are also really soft and smell great too! If you can’t tell… I’m a fan!


*Note – The shampoo isn’t included in this range, but I had to mention it!

We don’t actually start using Johnson’s baby shampoo until the boys’ cradle cap has disappeared around six to  eight months. It’s always a glorious moment when I get to open the first bottle of Johnson’s baby shampoo because the smell is just divine, if Yankee candle had a smell for Johnson’s baby shampoo, I would buy them all!


I really like this new top-to-toe range, I love that the packaging is bright and colourful and the products themselves are great. I think the top-to-toe baby washcloths are my favourite and I’ll definitely be packing them in my pack when we go on our travels. The top-to-toe range is specially formulated for babies 0-6 months, but with mine I tend to just use water for the first few weeks and then only use products once a week until they start weaning. Then they need a good scrub every evening!


If you fancy giving the Johnson’s baby top-to-toe range a go it is now available in shops, but I do have one set of the range up for grabs in my competition, which you can enter by clicking the link below.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Terms and Conditions

  • This competition will open on 18th January 2017 and will close on the 31st of January at 11:59pm 2017
  • One winner will be selected at random
  • The winner will receive one set of the top-to-toe range; baby bath, baby massage lotion, moisturising cream, baby massage oil, baby washcloths
  • Entrants must be UK residents
  • No cash alternative will be offered
  • The winners will be announced on Our Fairytale Adventure’s social media outlets, not the blog
  • The winners will have 28 days to respond to their winner’s email
  • All decisions made my Our Fairytale Adventure in regards to this competition are final



Note: I was sent the Johnson’s Baby top-to-toe range in return for an honest review.


How do you make bath time fun in your house? What do you think of the Johnson’s baby top-to-toe range? Would you give it a go? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

19 thoughts

  1. This whole range sounds just lovely, and you’ve got some great bathtime advice too. I miss those years of cosy bathtimes – these days our battles are mostly around getting our smelly boys to want to have a bath!!

  2. That’s really interesting about the colours and getting them stimulated! Baths are so hit and miss with us (it really depends on his mood!) – he likes to jump in with me too! The easiest way is to just bring him in the shower with me to be honest. We do try and let his “bath” his cars too to help with the enjoyment… Then sometimes he enjoys it so much he refuses to get out, hehe! x

  3. Just before Christmas I found out I was expecting twins… I cannot stop smelling the Johnson’s baby products in stores now! They smell devine. I have always used their cleansing milk to remove my make up and make up wipes but I’m so excited to soon be able to buy all the baby products too!

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