Castles in the snow sensory play

Just before Christmas our theme was ‘castles’ and as our new theme is ‘winter’, I decided to link the two with a castle building sensory snow scene.


Castles in the snow sensory play


For this activity you will need:

–          Tuff Spot Tray

–          Building blocks

–          Plain Flour

–          Bicarbonate soda

–          White conditioner

–          Shaving foam


I split the snow scene into three parts so that there were a range of textures. I covered half the tray with shaving foam, then split the remaining half into two parts. One part consisted of my sensory snow recipe (you can read that here) and the other was plain flour. I then scattered some Duplo blocks onto the tray and let the boys dig in.


To be honest Monkey wasn’t very interested in this activity, but Bear loved it. He is really into castles, knights and dragons at the moment so he loved this activity.


Castles in the snow sensory play


Ways to interact with this activity


Talk about textures – Bear loved building up the walls of the castle in the different areas and we talked about the different textures, such as the flour being soft and how the shaving foam sticking to our hands.


Talk about colours – Bear is really starting to get to grips with colours now, so Duplo blocks were great for this activity because we could discuss the different colours of the blocks while building.


Numbers and counting – After a while Bear wanted to build up towers so he could knock them down again, so I incorporated some counting into the activity. We would count the blocks as we built up the tower and then tried to make the towers bigger with more blocks each time.


It was a bit of a pain to clean up this activity afterwards and in hindsight I definitely should have used our messy play mat or set it up on the wooden or tiled floors in the kitchen and dining room. Regardless of the mess though, we had a great time with this activity and it was the perfect way to end our ‘castles’ theme.


Note: This activity is not edible. All sensory play activities should be supervised by a adult. Neither I nor Our Fairytale Adventure hold any responsibility for any damage or injury caused while partaking in this activity.


What do you think of this activity? Would you give it a go? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

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