** Real Baking – Great Baking Set & Chocolate Pen review **

Real Baking product review

The Great British Bake Off inspires the baker within, so I was more than happy to take the Real Baking Great Baking Set and Chocolate pen for a spin.


The Great Baking Set

The set comes with two bowls of different sizes (both of which attach to a non-slip base), three different sized measuring spoons, a silicon tray, piping kit, an egg cracker and cupcake cases.

Real Baking - Great Baking Set product review


I’m not that good a baker to be honest, I always get a bit of shell in the cake mixture and spend twenty minutes digging it out. This isn’t great when trying to bake with a toddler, so this makes the egg cracker a bit of a game changer. I will note that there is a shape blade in this part of the set, so I made sure I used this, while letting Oliver ‘help’ me push the button. If I’m completely honest the button is very stiff, so I had a bit of a battle with in on the first try. That said, after the first use it’s really easy and works a treat.

Real Baking - Great Baking Set product review

The bowls, the cupcake tray and the cupcake cases are perfect for children. I think children struggle to control how much sugar they consume, so this puts some limitation on that. I can hear Jamie Oliver rejoice!


However, we decided to use a bigger  bowl and our larger tray for the cupcakes because mummy likes cake (the diet isn’t going too well this week)! We did use the bowls in the set for the icing however and the non-slip base was great for when Oliver wanted to stir the icing mixture. The base fixes to a surface and is really difficult to budge once it’s attached, so it’s absolutely great for children and minimises the risk of messy spills.

Real Baking - Great Baking Set product review


The piping kit was a bit fiddly to be honest and the instructions were in German, so I ended up using one we already had in the cupboard.


This kit does make baking easy and it also keeps the mess contained. The set doesn’t come with a spoon or a whisk, so you will need to buy one of those separately.


The general marketing of this product is quite disappointing. Gender specific marketing is a bit of a pet hate of mine, so I wasn’t best pleased with the set having only girls in the picture using it. I’ve had a look at number of Real Baking’s products and that seems to be the same across the whole brand. Personally this would stop me buying a product, which is a shame because I do rate the product itself.


The Chocolate Pen

Real Baking Chocolate Pen review

The chocolate pen is quite chunky, which is great for children and comes with 12 bags for the chocolate and three moulding trays as well. It’s a great product to encourage productivity in a fun and engaging way. However the chocolate pen can get very messy, so I would recommend an apron of some sort.


The chocolate pen needs 2 x AAA batteries, which aren’t included and the product also doesn’t come with any chocolate. So if you are buying this as a gift for Christmas make sure you keep this in mind to avoid any disappointment. We were actually sent some Divine Chocolate to use with the chocolate pen, which we found melted really easily and tasted great.


Again gender specific marketing lets this product down.


Both the Real Baking Great Baking Set and Chocolate pen are suitable from ages 6 years and up and are retailed at £19.99.


Note: This product was sent to us in return for an honest review.


What do you think of the Real Baking products? Would you give them a try? Let me know in the comments, on TwitterInstagram, or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest

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