What we’ve been reading #3

This week we changed our reading routine before bed. We have now included an interactive family reading session.Each night we gather as a family and choose a book that is easy to add actions to and then act out these actions throughout the book. I don’t get a chance to take Elijah to baby signing, so we also add some baby signing into the story telling so he has a chance to learn some of the signs without actually attending any classes.



Our bedtime stories are such a special time for our family and we really treasure our time reading together. So without further ado, here is what we thought of this weeks’ top 3 books!


We're going on a bear hunt book review

We’re going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

This is our interactive book this week. The story takes you on a bear hunt through swaying grass, squelching mud and a dark forest to name a few. To make the story more interactive, we added some actions to the story. For example when the story reaches thick oozy mud, we pretended to put on some wellies and waded through the mud, when we reached the river, we pretended to splash through it and so on. This is such a great book to make interactive, the boys have really enjoyed reading it and it ties in nicely with this week’s theme of ‘wildlife and the wilderness’, so is the inspiration behind some of the sensory activities we have coming up this week.


Me... book reviewMe… by Emma Dodd

This story follows a baby penguin who is learning all about the world and soon sees just how small he is. But then he realises he may be small to the world, but he is the biggest thing to his parents. This is such a simple story, with very basic use of language but the illustrations are what make it so fascinating to Elijah. In our version of the book, the illustrations alternate between a matte finish and a matte finish with metallic elements. Elijah doesn’t have a very long attention span, but because alternating pages are shiny it keeps him interested in the book. The story is so heart-warming and I always finish the book by telling Elijah that he and his brother are the biggest things to me, which makes it more personal. This is such a wonderful bedtime story and comes highly recommended from us.


Tabby McTat book reviewTabby Mctat by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Tabby Mctat follow the story of a busker and his cat who earn money by singing their favourite song to passers-by. However the poor busker has an accident, which leads to Tabby Mctat to meet another cat called Sock and they together start a new adventure. However Tabby Mctat misses his old busker friend and one day goes looking for him, but soon realises that he misses his Cat wife and their happy life.

To be honest this isn’t my favourite book by Julia Donaldson, which is a shame as the story is actually a very good one. I find the rhythm awkward to read, which I can imagen wouldn’t be the best starting point for a child who is learning to read. However Axel Scheffler’s illustrations are as creative as always, with lots of hidden clues to hint where the story is going. Because of the details in the illustrations, there is a lot of talk about when reading this book with little ones, which is great for parents who perhaps struggle when discussing stories with their children. Despite not liking the book much myself, Oliver loves it and so that is why it has made it into our top three this week. After all the children enjoying the stories is the most important thing.



So there you have it, this week’s ‘Top Three Books’. Are any of them your child’s favourite? What have you been reading this week? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram, or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

2 thoughts

  1. What a good idea! M often has energy left to burn off at bedtime (or she’s overtired and wired – who knows?!). I totally agree about Tabby McTat being tricky to read but it’s one of the few longer books M will sit through so far so we slog through it a few times a week.

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