Starry night sensory bottle

This week we are learning about space.


When I was about six, I was bought a solar system model making kit. My Dad and I used to paint the planets every Sunday and when it was finished, we hung them up in order across the ceiling of my bedroom. Since then I’ve been absolutely fascinated by space and so I’m really looking forward to introducing the boys to it with all of the activities we have planned this week.

Starry night sensory bottle


Yesterday we kick started space week with a fun, starry night sensory bottle. It took about five minutes to make and kept the little ones amused for quite a while. It is now in the sensory draw, so no doubt it will be making a regular appearance this week.


To make a starry night sensory bottle, you will need:

  • An empty water bottle
  • Gold star sequins
  • Gold glitter
  • Black food colouring
  • Water


Step 1: Pour a handful of gold star sequins into the empty water bottle

Step 2: Pour a tablespoon and a half of gold glitter into the empty water bottle

Step 3: Fill the water bottle up

Step 4: Add a few drops of black food colouring (I used about 6)

Step 5: Place superglue around the rim of the lid and then pop it back onto the bottle

Step 6: Wait for the glue to dry

Step 7: Give the bottle a shake to mix everything together


Starry night space sensory bottle

It’s as easy as that.


This is such an eye catching sensory bottle because the gold glitter and stars are so vivid through the black water. Elijah loved how the stars and glitter swirled around, but as this is quite a heavy sensory bottle for a baby to shake, we spent a lot of time rolling the bottle to each other across the floor instead of shaking it.

Starry night sensory bottle


Space starry night sensory bottle



Note: Children must be supervised at all times when taking part in sensory activities. I hold no responsibility for any accident or injury caused when taking part in any of these sensory activities.


What do you think of our starry night sensory bottles? Would you make one for your little one? comments, on Twitter, Instagram, or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Pinterest for more sensory play ideas.

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