Really easy aquarium themed sensory activities

Aquarium themed sensory activities

Recently we took a trip to the aquarium and have since been taking part in lots of simple arts, crafts and sensory activities to help the boys learn about different animals that live in various underwater habitats. We had so much fun, I’ve decided to do a little post about our top three sensory activities for babies.


Ocean water play

This is such an easy activity to set up. I literally poured water into a sensory play tray until it was half full, poured in some blue food colouring and then added some plastic underwater animals. It got a bit slippy on my wooden flooring, so I would suggest making sure you lay down a lot of dark coloured towels.

Aqaurium themed water play


This activity went down really well. Elijah loved splashing away in the water and Oliver enjoyed making all of the animals swim around in the water. Oliver is really interested in sharks lately and so he spent a lot of time pretending the shark was chasing the other sea animals.


*Note: Please do not leave children unattended, even for a moment when taking part in this activity.


Water Beads sensory bag

Okay, so I cheated a bit on this one. My Mum actually sent me a video she had found of a similar sensory bag and I adapted it to suit our theme.

Aquarium themed sensory bag

Water beads are great for sensory play, you literally put them in a bowl with water and leave them overnight. They can be used for more science based activities for older children, but as my two are quite young we use them because of the texture. These are a choking hazard and as Elijah is at the stage where he puts everything in his mouth, I popped them and some plastic ocean critters into a secure zip up bag and let Elijah play with the bag. He had a really lovely time moving all of the water beads around through the bag and seeing the different underwater animals pop up to the surface.


*Note: Water beads are NOT edible. Please ensure these are in a secure container before giving to your child.


Ocean themed sensory bottles

These are so simple to make and are really good for enticing developing senses. Babies and toddler have a habit of getting things open, so I always glue the lids on the top of sensory bottles and jars.

Aquarium themed sensory bottles

Aquarium themed sensory bottles


Bottle 1: The first sensory bottle is a different shape and that is because it is a tub of 25p Tesco value hair gel. I then added 25ml of water, a handful of sequins and some blue food colouring, I then stirred them all together before popping the lid back on. Elijah really enjoyed watching the air bubble move around the tub and rolling the tub on the floor to see of the different sequins.


Bottle 2: The second sensory bottle is my favourite because it makes the best sounds when turned upside down. I filled quarter of an empty water bottle with glass pebbles, topped the bottle up with water and popped the lid back on.


Bottle 3: The third sensory bottle is a bit of quirky science activity for older children, but for babies it is perfect for a sensory bottle. I filled just over two thirds of an empty bottle with water, added a few drops of blue food colouring and then added 75ml of sunflower oil, before popping the lid back on. This sensory bottle fascinated both of the boys because of the noise the water makes when the bottle is given a shake and the way the bubbles of oil would swirl around afterwards.


Note: Please ensure you glue the lids onto any and all of your sensory bottles and jars.


Note: Children must be supervised at all times when taking part in sensory activities. I hold no responsibility for any accident or injury caused when taking part in any of these sensory activities.


Can you think of anymore aquarium themed sensory activities for babies? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram, or on Facebook. You can also follow me for more sensory activities on Pinterest.

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