Beauty Haul – Orange tones

Orange tones - Urban Decay and Dior makeup review


This summer I’m all about orange tones, I just love how versatile and natural they can be.


I’m not really one for experimenting with my makeup, to be completely honest I’ve stuck with the same earthy brown eyeshadows for nearly a decade (I know boring). But this summer, I’ve decided to reach out and try something a bit more daring… okay perhaps not daring but at least different. So orange is the new brown, even if it is a browny shade of orange. Let’s not push the boat out too far.


Urban Decay Eyeshadow – Shade: Riff (£14)

I went for the shade Riff by Urban Decay, mainly because I just love how warm it is but also because the gold sparkles lift the colour slightly. I found that Riff in particular is quite a soft shade, which helps create a lovely natural look when paired up with a more nude lip colour.

I rarely have a lot of time to do my make up with two little sproglets running around under my feet, but this shade blends so easily with both lighter and darker shades, it is actually really easy to use to create a subtle smokey eye. I swept it across my eyelid and then used a dark brown on the outer corner and in the crease to add a slight depth to the look.


Natural make up look - orange tones


Dior Rouge Baume lipstick – Shade: Milly (£26)

I’ve said before how much I love Dior lipsticks, they’re just so silky and soft they really finish off any look. They are possibly slightly on the pricey side, but they last for ages, so I don’t mind spending that little bit extra (although Mr. C definitely does mind when he finds the receipts). I was a bit unsure of what colour to accompany Riff as I wasn’t sure if I wanted something slightly darker, but as I was browsing I saw the woman at the counter had matched up an orangey brown eyeshadow with a lovely neutral colour so asked her which one it was. She showed me Dior’s Milly and because it worked so well I had to buy the same shade.


My hair and skin colouring are quite dark, so if I choose a shade of lip colour that is too light I can end up looking quite tired and run down, so finding a neutral lip colour that compliments without it washing me out is difficult. Because it is quite tricky to find a neutral lip colour, I don’t actually have that many, so this is definitely an addition that is well overdue. Milly is very neutral but it also has a pinky tone to it, which is perfect for the summer months.


I have found for a Baume, it is quite heavy but to be honest I’m not a fan of caking on the lip colour and tend to smooth lip colours in slightly anyway. These have a great sheen finish, so if you are looking for a brighter, more glossy look you will need to either buy a lip maximiser to go over the top, or look for something completely different entirely. For an understated, neutral lip colour though this is just perfect and is already one of my favourites.



Let me know what make up looks you love this summer and what products you would recommend in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook and on Instagram. You can also follow me on Pinterest.


*Note: Prices correct at time of purchase

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