** My First Rolling Melodies Thomas Review – #TeamThomas **

Our toddler Oliver is a bit train mad at the moment, we spend a lot of time building train tracks and reading his vast collection of Thomas and Friends story books, so when an email pinged into my inbox asking us if we wanted to join #TeamThomas we were more than happy to.


The Team Thomas campaign has been designed to celebrate the core values of friendship, determination and teamwork as well as the new racing theme for 2016. With the new theme comes a brand new Thomas and Friends film ‘The Great Race’, which is to be released at the end of May this year.


To help Thomas on his way to ‘The Great Race’, Thomas and Friends are inviting fans to power Thomas on a virtual journey by joining in fun weekly activities, which reinforce positive values of friendship, teamwork, participation and determination on their website and their Facebook page. In the lead up to ‘The Great Race’ you can share your #TeamThomas moments with Thomas and Friends on Twitter and Instagram (remember to use the hashtag) and when Thomas finally reaches his destination never before seen videos and amazing prices will be unlocked specially for Thomas fans, because when you race with Thomas, friendship always wins!


For being part of #TeamThomas, Oliver was sent a My First Rolling Melodies Thomas toy to review. I had planned to take a picture of it in its pristine box, but Oliver had other ideas and so we skipped that part and just got straight down to playing.

IMG_6062 (3)

IMG_6036 (2)


My First Rolling Melodies Thomas is marketed for ages 18+, but our seven months old Elijah decided he would quite like a go too.



The toy does have a number of buttons that play various different sounds and is easily pushed along the floor, even on thick carpet. When pushed along the Thomas theme tune plays, which is great for learning cause and effect. My First Rolling Melodies Thomas is great toy for independent play, but we actually use it during family time too. Keeping with ‘The Great Race’ theme, we actually race My First Rolling Melodies Thomas against some other chunky, push along trucks, trains and cars during family time in the evening. It has also been a huge hit at playdates and has really helped the toddler’s learn about sharing and turn taking.



My First Rolling Melodies Thomas is quite a chunky toy, but is also quite lightweight and small enough to be a perfect Travel toy. We always take it with us when we are heading to family or friend’s who don’t have many age appropriate toys.


The only bad thing about this toy is that there are only two volume settings; off or really loud, which as any parent can imagine can get slightly irritating after a while. Aside from that though, My First Rolling Melodies Thomas is a fantastic toy for Thomas mad fans and it has been a great addition to our Thomas and Friends collection.


My Rolling Melodies Thomas currently retails at £19.99.



Will you and your little ones be taking part in Team Thomas? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter and Facebook. You can also follow us on Instagram and on Pinterest.


Note: We were sent My First Rolling Melodies Thomas in return for an honest review.

9 thoughts

  1. There’s nothing wrong with being “a little train mad”. My son has been a train nutter since he was one, and his intense interest in trains eventually led him to start full-on reading at age 3. He was just so driven to find out what happened to Thomas in the various stories we had, that waiting for someone to read it to him was not an option. 🙂

  2. Very nice review and very true. I am mother two kids and two of them loved Thomas very much. They are offering a pretty good range for kids. Thanks for sharing.

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