** The Gro Company – Travel Grobag review **

The Gro Company's - Grobag review


I adore The Gro Company’s Grobag. In fact, so much so, when I found out I was pregnant with Elijah I deemed it a must have. But this wasn’t always the case, in fact when Oliver was a baby, I actually refused to buy one for the first six months despite hearing glowing reviews.


You see, I’m from a large family, where I’m the eldest of my generation, so there were always younger siblings and cousins, who I had seen swaddled or covered with blankets. To me the idea of doing something different to this just didn’t feel right and I was anxious that something may happen to my precious little bundle if I stepped away from what I knew.


However, with the glowing reviews piling in I decided to do some research and found out that the Grobag is actually recommended by the lullaby trust. With this in mind, I decided to delve in and buy one. I’ve never looked back.


The Grobag is basically a baby sleeping bag with arm holes that stop them wriggling down, preventing anything covering their face. There are a range of different tog levels, so you can find one that is perfect for the room temperature. Each Grobag comes with a thermometer, which tells you which tog level would be best for the temperature of the room. This for me, reduced my anxiety about safe sleeping and helped me to sleep a lot better, meaning I was a lot better rested and therefore happier, resulting in a happier baby too.


So you can imagine my delight when an email pinged into my inbox from The Gro Company, asking me and Elijah to review one of their newly designed Grobags. YES PLEASE!


We were sent the new ‘Save the World’ Grobag design, which couldn’t match Elijah’s colourful and adventurous personality better. The new design also incorporates travel by having an opening on the back, which can actually accommodate a five point harness. This makes it so much easier to move Elijah from his car seat to his cot, a feature we have found particularly helpful during this wonderful teething stage we are currently going through, where car journeys at 3am are the only answer.


In the past I have been given products similar to the Grobag as gifts, but most lose their colouring and begin to look a bit tatty after a few washes, but as you can see in the pictures, even after weeks of use and a lot of stints in the washing machine, it still looks good as new.


I absolutely love the Grobag (the new design more so) and couldn’t recommend it enough. It has helped so much with my anxiety surrounding safe sleep for both of my little ones, meaning I have been able to sleep better at night knowing they are safe and to be honest, it stops Elijah’s legs flailing around so much, helping him to sleep a lot better as well. You can view the Gro Company’s full range of Grobags here.


What do you think of the Grobag? Have you ever used one? Would you ever try one for your little one? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook.



*Note: I was sent the Grobag in exchange for an honest review.

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