Using unused space in the home as a reading corner

Reading corner


Encouraging my children to develop an interest in books is incredibly important to me. Not only does it help them academically, but book sharing is actually very good for bonding and building relationships with children. I’ve written more about the benefits of reading to children (here).


I’ve always encouraged book sharing with my children, in fact I have been sharing books with Oliver every day since he was 12 weeks old and every day with Elijah since the day we brought him home from the hospital. I believe that this early introduction to books has been a fundamental part of the boy’s growing interest in them.


With this growing interest of books in mind, we decided to build a reading corner in the unused space under our stairs for the boys to enjoy their books in. Don’t worry it is an open space, not a dark and dingy cupboard.


I cut out some stars from gold card, bought some fairy lights and carefully secured them to the underneath of our stairs. Mr. C and Oliver hung some photo shelves so that we could present the boy’s books facing outwards, making it easier for them to choose which ones they want to read.


Photo shelves used for a book display


With inspiration from events such as World Book Day, we decided to put up a fancy dress clothes rail, so that the boys could dress up as the characters from their favourite books. We found Party Delights has a great fancy dress selection, including a range for babies and toddlers.


We decided to also put a small toy box in the reading corner. We found a fantastic one from Plantabox. We decided to add wheels and a lid, which are additional extras. Because of the size, it is easy for a toddler to move around and Oliver loves pulling it out and using it as a table when he does his sticker books.


The reading corner is a great addition to our home and one that is used on a daily basis. I’ve found the gold stars and the fairy lights are great sensory elements for Elijah, making it a space both babies, toddlers and young children can enjoy equally.


Would you have a reading corner in your house? Let me know what you think in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook. You can now also follow me on Pinterest.

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