Spring soup toddler sensory activity

Easy spring soup sensory activity


Spring is upon us… although as I type this I’m looking out of my window to see my snow filled borders in the garden.


Despite the snowy weather though, I decided to start our spring sensory activities. I love the British change of seasons,  as each one is so magical in its own way and as my two love the outdoors, I love to incorporate the seasons into our sensory play.


Spring marks the start of new life and with the garden beginning to blossom with a range of spring flowers, I decided to put together a bright, colourful and fragrant sensory activity for the boys where a majority of the ingredients are right in my back yard… literally.



For this activity you will need:

  • A bowl
  • A wooden spoon (I used both a wooden spoon and a metal whisk)
  • Water (I used slightly warmed water)
  • Hand picked flowers
  • Hand picked flower buds


Additional extras:

  • 1 tablespoon of peppermint extract


Oliver and I picked some of the spring flowers and flower buds that have made an appearance in our garden and I then put them into bowls. For children that are starting to understand colours, this could be a great way of adding a colour sorting element to the activity.


I poured some slightly warmed water into a bowl and added a tablespoon of an alcohol free peppermint extract. I then put the bowl of scented water and the bowls of flowers down on a towel and gave Oliver a wooden spoon and a whisk.


Spring soup sensory activity


Because the scent of the peppermint was quite strong, Oliver instantly noticed it and started smelling the water, he absolutely loved pouring the flowers in and giving them a mix.


Spring soup, sensory activity


This is such a cheap, easy activity and one that lightens even the dullest of days. I find this activity very easy to clean away, although I do always put a towel out just to help soak up any spillages.



What do you think of this activity? Would you try it with you toddler? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook. For more messy play ideas you can follow me on Pinterest.




*Note: This is not an edible activity. Sensory activities should be supervised at all times and no baby, toddler or child should be left unattended whole partaking in this activity. Only use peppermint extract if it does not cause irritation for your child. I do not hold any responsibility for any harm, injury or damage caused by this activity.

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