Babies in bikinis?!


This week the Spring / Summer 2016 catalogues have started making their way into our home. As I was sat browsing through the pages I came across one catalogue selling baby bikinis.


Yes you read that right, one of these catalogues were genuinely selling bikinis for babies from age 0 – 6 months. Maybe others will think I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, but I just don’t agree with babies, toddlers and young children wearing bikinis.


I’ve been pondering over why I think a baby bikini is inappropriate and I just couldn’t settle on why. So I googled the debate to see what others thought and read a number of comments which mentioned that baby bikinis meant that too much flesh was on show. But that wasn’t the reason I felt that a baby bikini was innapropriate. I mean next to the picture of the baby in a bikini is a baby in a swimming nappy and a hat and that didn’t seem inappropriate.


But then I discussed it with a few friends and realised it had nothing to do with the amount of flesh on show, it was more to do with the connotations that a bikini has attached to it. Throughout different media portals, there is a strong idea that a bikini is sexy and that didn’t seem like a fitting connotation to have connected to a baby.


Then I thought back to my last beach holiday, where we saw a young girl run past us shouting at her Mum to tie her bikini again before ‘the boys see’. What exactly the boys were going to see was beyond me. There wasn’t anything there for the boys to see and in all honesty I think children should be more concerned in how their crab fishing is going with that cheap and useless crab fishing rod from the seaside kiosk or if their sandcastle’s moat will prevent the collapse of their sandcastle when the tide comes in, not whether or not a boy has seen their non-existent boobs because of a bikini top malfunction. Children should be allowed to be just that, children.


I personally think that a bikini top is an adult product, there is absolutely no need for a baby, toddler or child to wear a bikini top, physiologically there is nothing there to support or cover. It’s just not something I personally feel is appropriate for a baby, toddler or young child to be wearing. But that is just my opinion.


What do you think about baby bikinis? It would be really interesting to see other people’s viewpoints on this. Let me know in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook.

4 thoughts

  1. Completely agree with everything you’ve said in this post. Its so inappropriate, I just can’t see at what point someone thinks its a good idea to put their young child in them – or for someone to make them in that size, to be honest!

  2. Completely agree. It’s just… weird. I wouldn’t object to a baby girl in just bottoms splashing about on holiday but as soon as you add in what is basically a swimming bra, it becomes icky. I’m also not sure it’s a great idea for kids to be exposing that much flesh to the sun, but that could just be because I’ve got very pale skin…

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