** Fisher Price – Rainforest Friends Fun ‘n Fold Bouncer Review **


Fisher Price – Rainforest Friends Fun ‘n Fold Bouncer Review

I’m a huge fan of the Fisher Price Rainforest range and we have already got a few of the products available, so when Fisher Price contacted me about reviewing their new Rainforest Friends Fun ‘n Fold bouncer, I jumped at the chance.


I love how bright and colourful the Fisher Price Rainforest range is and this new addition certainly didn’t disappoint. Aside from the wonderfully colourful seat, the detachable activity bar has two of the colourful characters dangling from it, which really encouraged Elijah to develop his motor skills and hand eye coordination by reaching out for them.


The bouncer has a great vibration setting by pushing a button at the front of the bouncer, but in all honesty I think that was more of a novelty for my toddler Oliver who found it great fun to turn it on and off, than a soothing experience for little Elijah. I’m sure it would be soothing if left alone for longer than 30 seconds.


One thing I really liked about this bouncer compared to others is that there isn’t an automated bouncer setting. By not having one, it meant that to create any sort of bouncing, Elijah had to move and this not only encouraged him to wriggle around but also helped him understand cause and effect of his body movement.


The bouncer is such a great distraction when I’m cooking dinner or running the hoover over and because the activity bar is detachable it means that I can easily remove it so Elijah can see what is happening around him. I found this a particularly helpful feature when doing messy play activities with my toddler Oliver as it means Elijah can sit in his bouncer and watch, making him more included. The bouncer is also really lightweight making it really easy to move around without much fuss or hassle.


Rainforest Friends Fun ‘n Fold bouncer review


Now onto the feature that really makes the Rainforest Friends Fun ‘n Fold bouncer stand out, it can be folded down making it easier to store and portable. We have a tiny little Peugeot and two babies needing car seats that are secured using rather space consuming isofixes, so when we packed up for a night away, we decided to bring the Rainforest Friends Fun ‘n Fold bouncer along to see how portable it really was. A night away with two babies under two means we need a lot of stuff and with limited space we weren’t sure the bouncer would fit, but low and behold it did. Not very comfortably I might add, but with a bit of careful negotiating around other much needed objects, it squashed in and came with us, which is a lot more than can said for our other bouncer, which wouldn’t have fit into the car at all.


Elijah is becoming more and more active as he gets bigger, so I’m not sure how much longer we will use it for, but I’m pretty sure it will hold out until Elijah is big enough for the jumperoo.


The Fisher Price Rainforest Friends Fun ‘n Fold baby bouncer currently retails at £49.99.


What do you think of the Rainforest Friends Fun ‘n Fold bouncer? Let me know on Twitter or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Instagram or on Pinterest.



*Note: I was sent the Rainforest Friends Fun ‘n Fold bouncer in exchange for an honest review and prices shown are correct at time of publication.

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