Aircraft sensory bin #3

aircraft shaving foam sensory bin

This sensory activity incorporates reflections and textures. It is a little messier than the other aircraft sensory bins I’ve posted about, but it is really cheap and quick to set up.


What you need:

  • A tray
  • Shaving foam
  • Blue food colouring
  • A4 Acrylic mirror
  • Toy planes and helicopters


To colour the shaving foam:

I stirred some shaving foam in a bowl, added approximately 10ml of blue food colouring and then continued to stir the mixture. The food colouring is heavier than the shaving foam and will sink to the bottom of the bowl so make sure you mix it in well.


To set up:

I laid the mirror on the bottom of the tray, put a few dollops of white and coloured shaving foam on top, which represented clouds and then placed toy planes and helicopters on the tray.


Oliver loved pushing his toy planes and helicopters through the shaving foam and was fascinated by the reflections. Shaving foam is great for an easy sensory activity because it is such an unusual texture and depending on what brand you buy, can be extremely cheap.


aircraft shaving foam sensory activity


Even though this is slightly messier than the other aircraft sensory play activities, it is really easy to clean up. Once Oliver had finished playing, I mopped him up with a wet wipe and run the tray, toys and acrylic mirror under the kitchen tap and they were all good as new.



*Note: All sensory activities should be supervised by an adult at all times. This sensory activity is not edible and the acrylic mirror does have sharp corners. I accept no responsibility for any accident or injury caused by this activity.



Would you try this sensory activity? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook. For more messy play and sensory activities follow me on Instagram or on Pinterest.

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