Aircraft sensory bin #2

Aircraft shredded paper sensory bin


Sometimes messy and sensory play is well… messy and not everyone is a huge fan of mess. So if you aren’t a fan of mess then this one is for you.



What you need:

  • A Tray
  • 60 grams of (light) blue shredded paper
  • 6 cotton wool balls
  • Toy planes and helicopters



For this aviation sensory bin, it is merely a case of lining the tray with the (light) blue shredded paper, unrolled some of the cotton balls and putting them together to make clouds, dotting the remaining cotton balls around the tray and placing the planes and helicopter toys on top.


Oliver had a great time pulling the paper apart, throwing it about the place and then putting it back into the tray. We also made holes in the shredded paper and flew the planes through them. The planes did keep getting caught in it and so we had to keep untangling them, but that was all part of the fun.


Aircraft sensory bin


Shredded paper aviation sensory activity


Once Oliver got bored of the activity, I just scooped up the paper and the cotton balls, run the hoover over and the living room was good as new.



*Note: All sensory activities should be supervised by an adult at all times. This sensory activity is not edible. I accept no responsibility for any accident or injury caused by this activity.


Would you try this sensory activity? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook. For more messy play and sensory activities follow me on Instagram or on Pinterest.

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