Booktrust start new scheme to encourage more families to visit libraries

BookTrust's new book 'Bear's Reading Adventure'
BookTrust’s new book ‘Bear’s Reading Adventure’


Recently I have begun working with BookTrust in order to help encourage more parents and guardians to read with their children.


Research shows that children who are read to every day can be as much as 12 months ahead of their peers when they start school. Even reading to children three to five times a week can give them a six month head start.


Libraries are a great way of introducing children to the world of books. When I was growing up, my Dad would take me to our local library every weekend. Thanks to those weekly library visits, I was introduced to some of my favourite children’s authors and I even took out books that helped me to teach myself basic Spanish, a skill that I still have today. However, librarians have reported that families need more encouragement to visit libraries, so BookTrust have teamed up with Igloo Books to develop the new book called ‘Bear’s Reading Adventure’ in order to encourage even more children to visit their local library in 2016.


The story follows BookTrust’s blue bear mascot on his reading adventure, which takes him to a number of different places, including the library. There are 10 objects missing from bear’s adventure, which children are tasked with finding. Children can earn a sticker of the missing object every time they visit the library. BookTrust hopes that this book will encourage families to visit the library together and in turn then read together more often. Perhaps even encouraging people to set a belated New Year’s resolution to read every day with their children.


Once all of the stickers have been collected, children can then download a certificate from the Bookstart website. The Bookstart website is a great resource, filled with great tips of how families can have more fun reading together every day.


Early Years Facilitator and Bookstart Coordinator in Cornwall, Deborah Averill said, “The quality of the book Bear’s Reading Adventure is fantastic and children will love visiting the library to collect their stickers. A great incentive and fun too!”


BookTrust have created ‘Bear’s Reading Adventure’ to help libraries achieve the aims of the Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians (ASCEL) Children’s Promise, to provide more opportunities for families to participate and engage with their local library services. They also want to make library visits more exciting, inspiring and fun for families as well.


The books illustrator, Jo Byatt commented, “I was honoured to illustrate for such a wonderful project.”


The sticker storybook will be piloted in selected libraries across England from January 2016, so resources are currently limited.


What do you think of BookTrust’s new sticker storybook? Would it encourage you and your family to visit your local library ore often? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter or on Facebook. You can also follow me on Instagram and on Pinterest.


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