At home with Mr & Miss. C – Our Christmas

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog over the Christmas period, as I just wanted to enjoy some good ole’ fashioned family time. But now we are in the New Year and so felt it was time to write a little post on our first wonderful Christmas as a family of four.


Shopping for a real Christmas tree
Oliver had fun choosing the Christmas tree


Every year I want a real Christmas tree. Every year Mr. C complains that it is a waste of money and suggests the idea of getting a fake tree. This always results in us spending hours wandering around the pop up Christmas tree shop so I can find ‘the one’, while ignoring Mr. C complaints about how all how the ones I like are too big for the house. This year was no different and so that tradition has stayed well and truly put… except this year we also bought a real holly wreath as well (que more moaning).


Oliver choosing a holly wreath


I never thought I would be one of those people that is really precious about how the tree is decorated, but it turns out I am and so Oliver was given some baubles to put on the bottom and was then given the very important job of popping the star on the top, while I did everything else.


Putting the star on the top of the tree


A fabulous new addition to the Christmas make over this year were the stockings and garland decorating the stairs. I got the personalised stockings from Lime Tree Interiors which looked amazing hanging under the garland, on the staircase. I love how they also have a pocket so as the boys grow older they can write a letter to Father Christmas and tuck it into the stocking in the run up to Christmas.


Hanging stockings on the staircase


In preparation for the Christmas dinner, we invested in a totseat. We felt Oliver was getting a bit big for his highchair and with the oversized perfectly sized Christmas tree in the room, the highchair didn’t really fit anyway.


Oliver using his totseat
Forget about the highchair… this kid is at the big boy table now.


Mr. C’s family always host a dinner party so that everyone can get together during the Christmas holidays. The dinners are always slightly formal and so the boys were bought some smart outfits to suit the occasion. They both looked scrumptious.


Dressed up for a Christmas dinner party


This year we started a couple of new traditions, one of which was clearing through some old toys and books and sending them to children who are less fortunate than ourselves. It is very important to us as parents that the boys are taught kindness and compassion from a young age and so we chose a few toys that were in good condition and wrapped them up, wrote a card to Father Christmas explaining who they were for and then I took them to a charity for our local children’s hospice.


Donating toys and books


Donating toys and books


Donating toys and books


Donating toys and books


Another tradition we started this year was the family picnic, while watching a Christmas movie on the telly on Christmas Eve. We only ever eat food at the table, with no exceptions and we always make sure Oliver has healthy food, more often than not cooked from scratch. So it was an extra special treat to eat things like chips, sausage rolls and duck wraps. We did add a plate of fruit as well though to make sure some goodness was in there too.


Christmas day itself started at a respectable 7:30am. This was when the boys got into bed with us and we all opened our stockings together (Elijah let Oliver open his presents for him). Every year we all get a Terry’s Chocolate orange in the stockings and we ate that for breakfast… sod making anything!


At 8:30 am we all wandered downstairs to see Father Christmas had been to visit and spent the next few hours playing with all of his wonderful new toys. Elijah doesn’t really need a lot being only a couple of months old, so he was given mainly money, which was put straight into his trust fund. Oliver’s main present from us was a wooden workbench from Le Toy Van and he quickly got to work helping Mr. C put together the rest of the toys with the wooden screwdriver that came with it.


Last year we didn’t really go all out with the Christmas dinner as Oliver had only just started being weaned and it seemed slightly over the top for just two people. So this year I wanted to create a beautiful Christmas dinner for us. I enjoy baking and cooking, but I always find roasts more about timing opposed to skill. This year my timing was nearly spot on and we ended up with a beautiful meal with all the trimmings.


Family Christmas dinner


For afters we had a homemade gingerbread house. I was aiming for something out of a Mary Berry cookbook, but I think I think I may need slightly more practice.


Homemade gingerbread house


We kept to the same bedtime routine and so Oliver was all tucked up in bed and sleeping soundly by 7:30pm. So Mr. C, Elijah and I curled up in bed with a cheeseboard and caught up on some Christmas TV.


Christmas cheeseboard
Mr. C and Elijah


I’m already looking forward to next year’s Christmas.


How did you spend your Christmas? I’d love to know. Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook.


* Note: This is NOT a sponsored or endorsed post.

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