** Delving into the world of cloth nappies // Cloth nappy series **

When I was expecting Oliver we had so much to buy and so much to organise, that I didn’t even consider using cloth nappies and went straight for disposables. This time around however, cloth nappies were something I really wanted to give a go.


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Working with Baba + Boo

As a project for the blog, I wanted to work alongside a cloth nappy company so I could not only share my own journey but also help other parents who are looking for tips and advice in all matters of cloth nappies. So I approached Baba + Boo, a wonderful little company based in Manchester. Baba + Boo is the brain child of Eve, a rather amazing woman who somehow managed to start a business when she had a 17 month old toddler and a 9 week old baby. Baba + Boo has since grown into a booming and successful business that is set on making the world see cloth nappies in a whole new light and now I’m helping them do just that.


One of the main reasons to delve into the cloth nappy world, was so I could reduce my carbon footprint by putting less disposable nappies into landfill sites and I also love the fact that cloth nappies can be fun, quirky and fashionable. But something I wasn’t so aware of was how much cloth nappies reduce nappy rash!


Delving into cloth nappies with Baba + Boo


To get me started on my journey into the world of cloth, Baba + Boo sent us a 5 nappy started pack so that I could slowly introduce them, which is a lot less daunting than throwing away all our disposables and solely using cloth nappies straight away. I had spent some time googling cloth nappies, searching for tips and advice before I received the parcel and to be honest it seemed like a complete minefield – one that I wasn’t sure I was so happy about entering after all. I was confused and a little overwhelmed. Then the parcel arrived and I realised that actually it isn’t that daunting or overwhelming at all. You simply place one or two inserts into the pocket built into the nappy and voila, a cloth nappy ready to go.






I absolutely love the designs and already have a favourite that I look forward to using over and over again. Using cloth nappies actually make changing time fun, even when you are faced with a poopy mess. The washing of the cloth nappies was something that myself and Mr. C were a bit sceptical about, because we know how runny nappies can result in hours of soaking and hand scrubbing until the stains come out. So when I opened the first poopy filled cloth nappy, I was ready to spend a few hours scrubbing them clean, however we followed the instructions that come with the cloth nappies and just threw it in the washing machine on a normal 40 degree wash (although they can be washed on a 60 degree wash also). Much to our surprise, when the cycle had finished, the nappy was good as new!


I’m now a complete cloth nappy convert and am now eager to get more babies into cloth nappies, which makes me even more excited to be working with Baba + Boo in the future.


What are your thoughts on cloth nappies? Have you considered giving them a go? Let me know in the comments.


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*Note: I am working with Baba + Boo on this cloth nappy series but all views and opinions are my own.

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