Welcome to the world Monkey

Welcome to the world Elijah Andrew Lucas.
Welcome to the world Monkey


On Saturday night we welcomed our gorgeous little boy into the world, who we have lovingly nicknamed Monkey. He is a bit of chunk weighing 8lbs 7oz and already his little personality is starting to shine through.


Mummy & Elijah


Mummy & Elijah.


Daddy & Elijah.


Monkey was born at 38 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy, following an induction due to obstetric cholestasis. The labour lasted just 4 hours and 17 minutes, with just meditation and gas and air used as pain relief. The labour itself went relatively well and I am feeling extremely well.


Monkey was a bit of a reluctant feeder at first, which meant I had to stay in hospital an extra night. But after a lot of encouragement he is now feeding extremely well and we are now back at home and slowly getting back into a routine.


Oliver & Elijah at 1 day old.
Oliver & Elijah at 1 day old.


Monkey looks very much like Oliver did when he was first born. It was a bit surreal at first, as it felt like we were looking at Oliver.


Oliver loves being a new big brother.
Bear loves being a new big brother.


Bear is absolutely thrilled to be a new big brother, he rushes to the Moses basket whenever Monkey cries and has even offered to share his milk with him. I think all of the preparation we did worked wonders and he loves his Russell the Sheepdog that Monkey bought for him.


We took our first outing as a family of four to the park yesterday, after all of the chaos over the past few days we felt it would be good for Bear to have a little bit of normality.


Elijah at home.


Monkey is a very relaxed and chilled out baby, but he does wake up in-between feeds occasionally, just for a cuddle, which is really lovely. We are absolutely over moon with our new addition and are already so in love with him. He really makes our family that little bit more complete.


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