** U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow – Review **

Pregnancy Pillow - pregnancypillows.net Pyjamas - JoJo Maman Bebe
Pregnancy Pillow – pregnancypillows.net
Pyjamas – JoJo Maman Bebe


Recently I was contacted by Pregnancy Pillows to trial and review their luxurious U-Shaped Pillow (Original). I was more than happy to give their product a test drive as during this pregnancy I have really struggled with back and pelvic pain.


From 16 weeks I have suffered with a condition called PPGP, which was previously referred to and is commonly known as SPD. Generally PPGP (or SPD) causes pain in the pelvis or lower back and is more noticeable when doing anything that requires much movement of the pelvic bone. This condition is not harmful to myself or Peanut, but it is extremely uncomfortable and has prevented me from going about my day to day activities. Generally I find that I get a lot of pain on the left hand side of my pelvis and while a lot of medical staff have told me that the best thing to do is rest, my one year old has other ideas.


Towards the end of my second trimester, I was finding it nearly impossible to sleep as trying to find a comfortable position was excruciating. So combine that with a teething toddler and the result was a very tired and run down Mummy. So as you can imagine, being offered something that could help me get some actual sleep was welcomed with open arms.


Pregnancy Pillows U-Shaped Pillow is designed to follow the natural contours of your body, encouraging you to sleep on your side in a comfortable position. It is recommended that if you suffer with PPGP (or SPD) that you sleep with a pillow in-between your legs and so the U-Shaped Pillow allows you to do that, while being supported from both the front and back. The U-Shaped Pillow has a soft, velvet like case which feels absolutely lovely on the skin. There is meant to be a scent of Lavender in the inner fabric, but to be honest I couldn’t smell that in the slightest. The pillow comes in seven different colours, which meant I could opt for the pink one so that it matched my bedroom and didn’t look out of place.


The U-Shaped Pillow did take a couple of days to get used to as it alters your sleep position somewhat, however once I had got used to it I managed to get a really good night’s sleep, which was very welcomed after weeks of very broken sleep. I also found that after a few days of use my pelvic pain would be less in the morning, meaning that I could begin to go about my day to day activities again. This was a particularly good thing for me as I had missed being able to do simple things like sitting on the floor with my little boy and playing or taking him for a walk.


The U-Shaped Pillow is rather large, so storing it can be slightly difficult and I’m not sure Mr. C found that it helped his sleep as much as it did mine. I have found that as I have come towards the end of my pregnancy the pillow can actually make it harder to get out of bed as I need to clamber over it, which makes the extensive toilet trips – that come as part of the third trimester – a rather tricky task.


Despite the odd quirk, generally I have found that the U-Shaped Pillow has really helped me deal with a very difficult, frustrating condition and so for that alone I would recommend this product. My toddler has taken to sitting in the centre of the pillow when I’m reading him a story and so even after pregnancy it will still be useful.


The U-Shaped Pregnancy pillow is currently on sale for £27.50.


Have you used a pregnancy pillow during your pregnancy? Would you give this one a go? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook.


*Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Pregnancy Pillows in return for a review containing my honest opinion.

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