Pregnancy update – Week 30

My pregnancy bump - Week 30.
My pregnancy bump – Week 30.


In my last pregnancy update, I told you all about the sharp pains I was feeling in my stomach and how the doctor had told me to ‘take it easy’. Well those pains didn’t subside and so at a recent midwife appointment I was told to take a trip to the hospital to have a monitoring, just to make sure I hadn’t gone into early labour.


Being attached to the monitors isn’t a new thing for us, during the last trimester in my pregnancy with Oliver I had to take a weekly visit to make sure everything was as it should be. This made the whole experience less concerning this time around and instead Mr. C and I sat back and enjoyed listening to our baby’s little heart beating away.


After the monitoring we had an appointment with a specialist consultant, who told us that there weren’t any signs of early labour (great news), however I really do need to start ‘taking it easy’. This is a lot easier said than done, when I have a house to run, a toddler and a Dalmatian puppy to look after. My Dad came to visit to help me with Oliver for a few days so I could rest up a bit, but we needed a more long term solution and so we decided to hire a cleaner so at least household chores could be wiped off of my do – to list and so I could spend more quality time with Oliver and our Dalmatian Fawn.


Recently I also had a routine glucose test to check for gestational diabetes, one of my grandparents was diabetic and so it is procedure to check me at around the 28 week mark. As expected it came back absolutely fine and so I have been going on my very slow and merry way towards the finish line of my pregnancy.


As for our little peanut, they are beginning to pile on the weight and is now roughly the same size as a large 3lb cabbage. Peanut has also really come into their own with their movements. The movements feel a lot different to how Oliver’s were and I can now say I know what it feels like when a baby kicks you in the ribs from the inside… it hurts. Feeling the movements is one of my favourite things about being pregnant and although I’ve been feeling them since about week 13, it’s nice to feel them getting stronger.


We are starting to get prepared now and have been spending painful amounts of money getting the nursery decorated (read all about that here) and making sure peanut has everything they need for their first few weeks in the world. I recently managed to get a majority of the essentials within 30 minutes in Mothercare. This is a huge improvement on the two hours I spent trying to select bottles when I was pregnant with Oliver.


With the due date drawing ever closer, I have also been really focused on preparing Oliver for becoming a big brother. It is something I’m a little apprehensive about as he doesn’t really like sharing his parents with anybody, not even our dog ‘Fawn’. I will be writing a blog post soon about how we are preparing Oliver for his big brother status.


The next few weeks are going to be an exciting time in our pregnancy as we start our NCT antenatal classes this weekend and I then begin my Aquanatal classes next week. We also have our next scan at week 34, where I will find out whether or not I have a low lying placenta. If the placenta is low lying my birthing options will be narrowed down to one, a caesarean section. If the placenta isn’t low lying it will be decision time for what type of labour I would like to have.


I look forward to updating you all soon.


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