** Posie Pixie and the Pancakes – Review **

Posie Pixie and Pancakes.
Posie Pixie and Pancakes.


Posie Pixie and the Pancakes is the lovely new book in the Whimsy Wood Series written by Sarah Hill.


The story follows the adventures of Posie Pixie as she sets about making some delicious pancakes for herself and Wibble Woodlouse, starting with her going shopping in the Woodland Store. The story itself is very creative and moves along quickly, which is great for children. Throughout the story you meet lots of different and wonderful characters who all teach very different lessons. Two that particularly stuck out for me were Raspberry Rabbit, who loves recycling and Doctor Tussle, who teaches Posie and Wibble all about enjoying things in moderation.


The illustrations by Sarah Mauchline are very bright and colourful, which is great for keeping children interested in the story, but is also good at helping children understand the story. Although this book would be better for older children, there are enough illustrations to keep younger children interested. I enjoyed reading something with Oliver that was slightly different to the normal toddler books that contain little text and lots of pictures.


Personally I feel this book would be great for children who are learning to read as the sentence structures could potentially be challenging for those who aren’t competent readers yet. The story is very descriptive as well and so it is good for nurturing creative and imaginative little minds.


At the end of the book there is an interactive element of the book where you can fill in the rest of the Whimsy Wood map based on what you have read. I thought this was a lovely little extra that would really help encourage children to become more involved in not only reading, but also understanding what they are reading and relaying what they have read in a fun activity


Posie Pixie and the Pancakes is the 7th book in the Whimsy Wood Series. We are eagerly awaiting the next adventure to happen in Whimsy Wood as we really enjoyed reading this wonderful story during our bedtime routine.


Have you read any of the Whimsy Wood Series? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook.


*Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of Posie Pixie and the Pancakes in return for an honest review.

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