My beauty adventure continues – Beauty product review

Featuring: Maybelline,The Vintage Cosmetic Company, Smashbox, Ecotools and No7.
Featuring: Maybelline,The Vintage Cosmetic Company, Smashbox, Ecotools and No7.


A few months ago I embarked on a journey to find make up that actually stays on my face and doesn’t smudge throughout the day. I have begun to embark on this journey into the beauty world because since becoming a Mum I just don’t have the time to keep topping it up and I certainly don’t have the time to completely redo my make – up after my toddler has wiped his banana covered hands all over my face.


I started my journey quite high end and my last post featured the likes of Dior, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Benefit and Urban Decay. In this post however, I’m toning it down a bit and seeing if I can get products that are just as good for half the price.


Maybelline – Super Stay 24 Hour waterproof powder (£5.99)


Maybelline has always been one of my brand favourites and yet I have never tried their face powder. As I get older, I have had to start using a liquid based foundation, which can leave a slight sheen on the skin. To combat this, I have had to start investing in a face powder. I tend to find that some face powders can look a bit grainy, however I was pleasantly surprised when this powder was not only incredibly light on the skin, but it also left me with a flawless complexion. I will most certainly be reinvesting in this product.


Maybelline – Super Stay 24 hour dual ended crystal shock lip colour (£8.99 each)


I must admit, this product was extremely disappointing. As I’ve mentioned before Maybelline is one of my brand favourites and I have a number of their Super Stay matte lip colours. However the crystal shock didn’t apply very well at all and unless you have the time to exfoliate and then moisturise your lips before applying – which I don’t – I doubt you will find this product something to write home about either.


Maybelline – Expert wear blush (£5.19)


I have quite olive skin and so to get that extra bit of radiance I am never without blusher. Recently I have been using Rimmel and Bounjois blusher and these need topping up quite regularly, which I don’t really have time for. This Maybelline product however didn’t need topping up throughout the day when applied on top of my Estee Lauder foundation (read the review here). This product is the perfect size for a handbag, without it being small enough to get lost amongst all the other bits and bobs in there. My faith in Maybelline products has been restored and I highly recommend this product.


The Vintage Cosmetic Company – Nancy re–usuable lashes (£6.00)


These eyelashes look fabulous… in the box. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to wear them because quite honestly I’m completely useless at putting fake eyelashes on and I haven’t had the time to even attempt it yet. When there is an occasion where I can wear them and I have plenty of time to apply them I will write a review on them. Until then, watch this space!


Smashbox – Photo Op Eyeshadow Trio (£23.00)


I’m not a huge fan of glittery eyeshadow, mainly because my toddler tends to smudge the glitter all over my face, which leaves my face looking like my little pony has just been sick on it. So I set about finding a earthy matte collection of eyeshadows and came across this little gem. I absolutely love this product! It is incredibly long lasting and ridiculously easy to apply. I managed to get a complete ‘smokey eye’ look in about two and a half minutes. Although not exactly a cheap product, this is definitely one that is worth investing in.


Ecotools – Brush set (£15.99). Powder Brush (9.99)


Okay so I am completely in love with the bold metals brushes, but I can’t afford them and so I looked for some brushes that were more within my price range. Ecotools are much cheaper and do the job reasonably well. They aren’t anything to get massively excited about, but they aren’t a bad product either and they come in nifty little pouches too.


No 7 – Powder puff


If I’m honest this isn’t a great product, I thought it would be quicker to use a powder puff rather than a powder brush. I was wrong. This powder puff didn’t spread the powder evenly in the slightest and so I ended up using a powder brush. I wouldn’t bother with this product personally and would suggest either saving your money for a rainy day or investing your money in a powder brush.


So there is my review of my latest beauty haul. What products would you recommend on a budget? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram and on Facebook.

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