At home with Mr & Miss. C – July 2015

It has been a rather busy couple of months in our household and so I felt it was time for another family update.


In preparation for our gorgeous new arrival, we have been working on some home improvements. As my due date draws ever closer, I got my creative hat on and set about coming up with ideas for a beautiful and fun bedroom for our new addition. We decided on a safari / jungle / animal theme then decided to grab some paintbrushes and get to work on peanut’s nursery.


Safari / Jungle themed hot air balloon light shade.
Safari / Jungle themed hot air balloon light shade.


Safari themed black silhouette wall stickers.
Safari themed black silhouette wall stickers.


We thought we wouldn’t need to buy much, seeing as Oliver is still very young and we still have everything from when he was a newborn. However, we have quickly realised that the small age gap means that Oliver isn’t quite done with a lot of his baby things just yet and that has meant we have needed to fork out for a few doubles of things, such as a new crib / cot mobile. We also didn’t think about the fact that Oliver was a spring baby and peanut is an autumn baby and so that means that peanut needs a different wardrobe as well. Of course as an expectant Mum, I can’t say I’m overly devastated at spending my evenings searching for cute bits and pieces for my little peanut.


Fisher - Price rainforest mobile.
Fisher – Price rainforest mobile.


We have also been working on landscaping our garden so that we have a lovely place to spend our summer days next year. For me, the garden is an extension of the house and a very important space. I wanted the garden to become a place of learning, as well as a place for fun and so we have designed it to be both beautiful and practical. Once completed we will have a large grass area (complete with swing and slide set) that will be big enough to have a kick about on or play summer games such as swingball, a planned flower border, an micro meadow (complete with apple tree), a fruit and vegetable patch, a herb garden and a mud kitchen. This has been one of our largest renovation projects since moving into our house and Mr. C has been working extremely hard on it. I’m very excited to be able to start planting once the structures are in place and the soil has been treated.


Before we started landscaping the garden.
Before we started landscaping the garden.


Putting in the raised borders.
Putting in the raised borders.


Aside from home renovations, I have been working extremely hard on the rebranding and relaunch of my blog. The site will be launched under a new URL, has some amazing new design features and I have also been working on some fabulous new content that I hope many of my readers will find beneficial.


With life being so busy at the moment, time has been whizzing by and that means that my little munchkin has been growing up far too fast for my liking. Oliver has been growing and developing into the most wonderful little boy. We have been reading to Oliver every day since he was a 12 week old baby and now as a 15 month old toddler, he has a huge interest in books. He absolutely loves the Thomas the Tank engine stories and his current favourite is Dinosaurs love Underpants, which he demands I read to him several times a day.


Oliver's current favourite books.
Oliver’s current favourite books.


We have been heavily encouraging Oliver’s speech recently and his vocabulary grows more and more every week. It is so exciting when he learns a new word and it is lovely that he is becoming less frustrated at not being able to communicate. Oliver can now say ‘Mama’ ‘Dada’ ‘What’ ‘Look’ ‘Hiya’ ‘Bubbles’ ‘Dog’ ‘Pop’ ‘Ball’ and ‘Pop up’. I feel very lucky to be able to be a stay – at – home Mum as it really is fascinating and beautiful watching him grow into this amazing little person.


Daddy and Oliver at Oliver's swimming lesson.
Daddy and Oliver at Oliver’s swimming lesson.


Since my last update, Oliver has started his swimming lessons. Since starting he has gone from strength to strength in the water and has been really enjoying his swimming class. As it is still a relatively new thing for him, he does need a bit of a distraction at first, but the teacher is fantastic and always has a toy boat or rubber duck for him to play with until the class gets well under way. As my pregnancy gets further along, Mr. C has begun to come with us and if I’m feeling a bit under the weather, he takes Oliver into the pool while I sit on the sidelines and watch. When you are in the water with Oliver it is sometimes hard to see how much his confidence has grown as you are concentrating on what you are doing with him, but when you watch from the sidelines it is much easier to see. We are very looking forward to returning to the class next term.


As a break from the day to day or week to week routines, we try to have one or two family day trips every month, whether that be a day trip to beach or a trip to an attraction of some sort. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money – if any money at all – but it is very important to us that we have some quality time as a family, which can sometimes be difficult when life is so busy. On our day trips we turn our phones onto airplane mode and just spend time together as a family. This month we took a trip to Arley Gardens, which was a lovely day out as we could take our four legged friend with us. You can read all about our trip to Arley Gardens here.


Mummy and Oliver at Arley Hall.
Mummy and Oliver at Arley Hall.


At one of my recent midwife appointments, my midwife thought I had gone into early labour (I’ll be posting my latest pregnancy update very soon) and was monitored at the hospital. Thankfully I hadn’t gone into an early labour, but I was told that my body was telling me to slow down and take it easy, I’m not superwoman after all. So my Dad came to visit for a few days to help me around the house and to spend some time with Oliver. It was lovely having him come to stay and Oliver absolutely loved having him around. Oliver took no time in bossing his grandad around and before I knew it they were building Duplo towers and reading Oliver’s much loved book ‘Dinosaurs love Underpants’ over and over again.


During my Dad’s visit we took a trip to the aquarium. Oliver is always fascinated by the fish in the pet shop and so I figured it would be a good day out for him. Well, Oliver had a great time! He was mesmerised by the colourful fish and we had loads of fun pointing out the sea animals we read about in his bath book. Oliver absolutely loved walking through the tunnel underneath the shark and sting ray tank and was pointing at all of them as they swam over our heads. He enjoyed it so much, Mr. C and I are now thinking about getting an annual pass to the attraction so we can take him a lot more often.


Oliver at the aquarium.
Oliver at the aquarium.


So there is our latest family update. As usual it has been a rather fun packed couple of months with lots going on. We look forward to updating you all again soon.


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