** Rock of Feather’s baby – safe jewellery review **

Rock of Feather's Kittiwake necklace.
Rock of Feather’s Kittiwake necklace.


Since becoming a Mum, my jewellery collection has dwindled and not because I didn’t want it anymore but because my son is a bit of magpie and wants to play with it. Only my jewellery wasn’t really cut out for baby or toddler play and has generally ended up in a broken, sorry state. The remaining jewellery I do have, resides safely on a jewellery stand or in a box collecting dust.


The thing is, I am of the very strong opinion that being a Mum doesn’t stop a woman being fabulous and so I was rather pleased when I was contacted by a company who believes just that and has set about to create a line of baby – safe jewellery that is not only practical but fashionable. I am all too aware that those two things generally don’t go together very well, so I was very interested in taking Rock of Feather’s jewellery for a spin, in the hope that on this occasion this wasn’t the case.


Rock of Feather was set up by two leading ladies, Natasha Langton and Amelia Slocombe who wanted to create a product that was safe for infants to chew on and also looked fabulous. What they come up with was a product that is 100% silicone and is completely PVC, BPA, lead and phthalate free, which is reassuring considering my toddler wants nothing more than to chew on it.


I opted for the Kittiwake necklace in Cream Jasper and Milky Quartz. I felt it would go well with a summer wardrobe as it was very light in colour.


Leggings - Topshop Vest top - Topshop Blazer - Primark Shoes - New Look Necklace - Rock of Feather
Leggings – Topshop
Vest top – Topshop
Blazer – Primark
Shoes – New Look
Necklace – Rock of Feather


When the necklace arrived, my first impression was that it was slightly chunky, which does differ from my usual choice of delicate jewellery, however my delicate jewellery didn’t last very long at the hands of a toddler and so this seemed like an obvious change to make in order for the jewellery to last at least until the end of the day. Despite being a little chunky, the necklace was extremely lightweight and didn’t look clumpy with my outfit. In fact the necklace complimented my outfit very well.


The silicone pieces are held together with a fabric cord, this design prevented the necklace snapping when Oliver gave it a good tug. As hard as he tried, that necklace wasn’t budging and so he took to eating it instead. I was half expecting there to be teethmarks left on the necklace, but yet again Rock of Feather amazed me and the necklace stayed intact, good as new.


Because the necklace is made from silicone it is extremely easy to clean and so any dribble or baby liquids that find their way onto the necklace can be cleaned off with an anti – bacterial wipe. No need to keep taking it to the jewellers for a good clean. Bonus!!


As Rock of Feather is a relatively new company, there isn’t a lot of choice of products just yet. However, out of the products they do have there is bound to be something that tickles your fancy and would look good with something in your wardrobe.


Let me know what you think of Rock of Feather’s jewellery in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook.


* Disclaimer: I was sent a Kittiwake necklace in return for an honest review.

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