‘Little Tikes’ 4 – in – 1 (basic edition) trike review

Oliver loves his first set of wheels.
Oliver loves his first set of wheels.


A few weeks ago I took Oliver to a playgroup, where he climbed onto a toddler’s tricycle and wanted to be pushed around.


It really broke my heart, because this meant that my little boy is growing up and it was time to buy him his first set of wheels.


We scoured the market for a nice baby and toddler trike that had all the necessary add-ons such as a harness, sun shade, removable steering handle and a storage basket. We discovered quite quickly that trikes aren’t a small expense and so it became a search for something that wasn’t ridiculously expensive, but was also the best value for money.


We trialled and tested various different makes and models and eventually settled on the ‘Little Tikes, 4-in-1 (basic edition) Trike’.


The ‘Little Tikes, 4-in-1 (basic edition) Trike’ is on the market for £69.99, can be used from 9 months right through to 3 years of age as it is adaptable for your growing little bundle and comes in a range of colours. This trike comes with an adjustable 5-point harness, a safety bar and footrests, so it is perfect for use as a first trike. The safety bar can be removed and the footrests can be folded away as your child grows and becomes more confident and independent


Another great feature for this trike is the steering handle, which is again ideal for when your child isn’t quite big enough to ride independently. This particular feature was a major selling point for us as the handling is extremely good compared to other makes and models on the market, which is particularly handy for if you have an inquisitive little one who likes to lean from side to side and reach for whatever they are riding past. The steering handle can be removed as your little one grows and is able to ride the trike without assistance.


We wanted a trike that had a sun canopy as Oliver has very pale skin and so I do my best to ensure he is has as much protection from the sun as possible. This is one feature that I am a bit disappointed with as it isn’t very wind resistant, so if you are walking against the wind, the shade will blow back and be completely useless. However if you are waking with the wind or better yet, if there is a sunny day with no wind at all, the canopy protects against up to 99% of UV rays.


This trike does also have a beverage holder, which is rather handy and a large storage basket. The storage basket is another less than perfect feature, as it clips onto the trike and has a tendency to fall off if the weight of the items in it aren’t evenly distributed during use.


Overall, this is a really good trike and well worth the money. It is relatively light and therefore easy to store and put into the boot of the car. We have personally found that Oliver loves to go for walks when he is in his trike, as it means he can see more of the world around him. It also makes a change from his pushchair, which he has started to become restless in when on longer journeys.


Is your little one ready for their first set of wheels? What baby and toddler trike have you been looking at? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook.

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