We Love ‘Love Boo’

Love Boo - Mum and baby skincare


Love Boo has fast become one of my favourite Mum and Baby Skincare brands, since discovering it at the Baby and Toddler show in Manchester earlier this year.


During my final trimester in my first pregnancy, I developed the condition obstetric cholestasis which is a rare liver condition that can develop in pregnancy. The condition causes severe itching and for this reason, stretchmark prevention products were off limits to me as these tended to make the itching worse. This resulted in me developing very large, deep purple stretch marks, which if I’m honest did knock my confidence.


Love Boo body smoother - £14. 99.
Love Boo body smoother – £14. 99.


After months of trying to find something that would shrink and fade my stretch marks, I found the Love Boo body smoother. This product was the starting point of my Love Boo fandom. Within weeks of using this product my stretch marks were basically non-existent and my confidence was restored.


When Oliver begun his weaning process and started to become more mobile, he became a lot more mucky. So mucky that just using water at bath time wasn’t really cutting it anymore and we started to use baby bath and baby body washes, which resulted in some very sore and dry skin. Alas I went through the motions of using countless skincare products to combat his delicate baby dry skin, most of which did absolutely nothing and some of which that actually made it worse.


Love Boo kind & creamy baby lotion - £7. 99.
Love Boo kind & creamy baby lotion – £7. 99.


I then thought of Love Boo and remembered they had a baby range, so I searched their website looking for something that would help and found their baby lotion. Within days of using this product, Oliver’s sore, dry skin dramatically improved and within weeks, he no longer had dry skin.


Love Boo products.
Love Boo products.


The best thing about finding a brand that actually sells a product worth buying, is that they tend to have lots of other products that are worth buying and so my Love Boo collection continues to grow. The results speak for themselves and so It isn’t really surprising that this company has won awards for their products. I’ve now become a huge fan of the Love Boo skincare range and always highly recommend it.


Have you tried any of the Love Boo products? Let me know in comments, on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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