** The Baby Show – What to expect and tips on how to help your bank balance survive **

The baby show 2015.
The baby show 2015.


This month I was invited to ‘The Baby Show’ at the NEC in Birmingham by Emma’s Diary.


Emma’s Diary is a parenting channel that covers pregnancy to toddlers. It is designed to be a ‘go to’ for both parents and expectant parents alike, because let’s face it… sometimes we just need a place to go for a bit of advice or reassurance. I for one found it a great place to go to during my 1st pregnancy when I was unsure of what to expect.


The Baby Show itself was fantastic and with over 200 brands there this year, t was a great place to discover new brands and products, as well as get some fabulous deals on some of the essentials for a baby or toddler. Of course having that many brands under one roof meant that it was also a fabulous place to pick up a load of stuff you will probably never need or find a use for. So my first tip for the survival of your bank balance at ‘The Baby Show’ is to make a list of what you actually need, take the list with you and try to keep as close to that list as possible.


Ewan the dream sheep.
Ewan the dream sheep.


I would like to say that we stuck to what we needed but I wandered past a stall selling ‘Ewan the dream sheep’ and just had to buy him for my expectant little bundle. Sadly Russell the Dream sheepdog had sold out, but I will be buying him as a present from peanut to Oliver nearer my due date.


Love Boo - Mum and baby skincare


I also stumbled upon the ‘Love Boo’ stall and had to stock up on their amazing creams and potions. I’ve become quite a fan of their products since discovering them at a Baby Show in Manchester and so decided to stock up while I could take advantage of the wonderful discounts available at the Baby Show. You can read more about ‘Love Boo’ here.


We did however manage to buy something that was on the list; an iCandy Peach Blossom pram for Oliver and peanut. With only an 18 month age gap between Oliver and peanut, we need a pram that can cater for a toddler and a newborn, but that can also cater for two toddlers. So here is my second tip for the survival of your bank balance at ‘The Baby Show’ – Do your research, especially for large items such as prams and nursery furniture. Look at what product would be best for you and your situation and then get an idea of prices from retailers before the show.


Before ‘The Baby Show’ we did our research, had a look at what was available on the market and what was best suited to our situation. We agreed that my steering wasn’t good enough to warrant a double pushchair (side by side) and opted for a tandem option (one above the other). We needed something that can fold up relatively small and is as lightweight as possible so that I can manage it on my own. We also wanted something that wasn’t gender specific and wouldn’t look tatty after a couple of uses. Eventually we settled on the iCandy Peach 3 that can be turned into the Peach Blossom.


This is a rather pricey pram and so we decided to wait and see what discounts were available to us at ‘The Baby Show’. We were happily surprised that the discount amount to just over £200 and because we were dealing with iCandy representatives themselves, it meant that they knew the product extremely well, so not only showed us how to pop it up and fold it back down again but also only sold us the things we needed, which is a vast difference to some of the High Street retailers that stock iCandy products.


We are expecting the delivery of our wonderful new pram next month, which is very exciting and makes us feel a lot more prepared for the arrival of peanut.


As well as the stalls, there were great talks about nutrition and sleeping habits, which are helpful for first time expectant parents who are trying to prepare themselves and for parents who would like to brush up on their knowledge or have some questions they would like answered by some leading experts in the field.


There was a lot of interactive entertainment for toddlers and older children too, which was a great way to keep toddlers and older children amused.


The only thing we found slightly annoying about the whole day was the £12.00 parking, but considering we saved a couple of hundred pounds through discounts, I can’t really moan about it too much.


Have you attended a Baby Show? If you have, what did you think of the experience? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


If you are interested in attending any future ‘Baby Shows’ you can follow them on Twitter or like their page on Facebook to stay updated with when one is coming to somewhere near you.


*Disclaimer: I was given tickets to the Baby show by Emma’s Diary in return for an honest review.

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