Babies, bumps and bruises

Babies, bumps and bruises


A few weeks ago I went to a baby group where one of the babies fell over and bumped his head. A lovely ‘shiner’ had appeared and the baby’s mother had got herself into a real state about it.


I remember having a similar reaction the first time Oliver had a bump. I went into a panic and was about to take him to the hospital when Mr. C told me to calm down and made me a cup of tea. Oliver was fine of course and by the time I had finished my tea he had completely forgotten he had bumped his head at all and was playing quite happily with his toys.


Looking back, I remember a majority of my ‘Mum’ friends having a bit of a meltdown the first time their little ones had a bump or scrape. As parents we are the protectors of the little people that we bring into the world, but that doesn’t mean we can – or indeed need to – protect them from every little thing. Because the thing is, babies and children have bumps, bruises and scrapes all the time and the older they get the more they accumulate.


If you think back to your own childhood, how many times did you fall off a climbing frame or out of a tree? How many times did you graze your elbow or cut your knee?


As humans, we learn from our experiences and when we hurt ourselves trying to do something, we find an alternative way of doing it. Recently Oliver had a topple off of our bed (head first) before I had a chance to catch him, I felt so guilty that he had hurt himself and I hadn’t been able to catch him in time. However since his little bump, he has learnt to climb down backwards and can now climb on and off the bed as he pleases.


As parents we can only try to prevent our children from injury, but inevitably our little ones are going to get the odd bump, bruise and scrape. It doesn’t make us bad parents when they do, it just means we need to stock up on plasters and have an endless supply of cuddles waiting.


If you are worried about your child’s injury, you should always seek medical advice.


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