Bear’s 1st day at nursery

After a number of settle in sessions – where Bear was more than happy to spread his wings of independence – the big day was here. Bear’s first day at nursery.

Oliver in his Pram


I find the internet to be a rather helpful tool. However when reading multiple articles and blog postings about parents leaving their children at nursery for the first time, I found lots about guilt ridden Mums who despise leaving their children at the dreaded nursery, but have to on order to put food on the table. Then there was me, a Mum who works and studies from home and is being such a monster by putting her loving child into nursery, through choice and not necessity.


Okay, so I know it isn’t like he is heading off to university and I know he is only going for 2 days a week, but it is still heart-breaking nonetheless.


We took him into the warm, cosy room with several babies crawling around and passed him over to his nursery nurse. After several looks from the staff of ‘are you leaving or would you like a job here?’ I reluctantly left the nursery.


I then spent the entire day feeling like some evil witch and pictured my son sat on the floor at his nursery, looking at the door and wondering why his mother had abandoned him. I tried to immerse myself in work and set about developing my marketing plan, which ultimately will be the driving force for the success of the book I’m in the process of writing. Doing any actual writing was thrown out the window by the distraction of the image of my poor, abandoned son.


It finally reached 5pm (1 hour before nursery pick up) and I was already shoving my feet into my shoes and pulling my jumper over my head. The entire journey to the nursery was nerve wracking. I was picturing these images of a distraught baby, wondering when his Mummy was coming back. Except when I got there, Oliver was more than happy playing with a selection of toys with other babies. I walked through the door to be greeted by the very friendly nursery nurse, shortly followed by Oliver crawling (yes he does that now) towards me with a big smile on his face.


I was filled in about how Bear had been taken for a walk around the grounds and had met the pigs at the back of the main meadow. I was told all about his wonderful afternoon painting and how he had the odd ‘sensitive moment’ when he had gotten tired, so they had shown him the sensory lights and he had dropped off for a nap. I was given a very informative piece of paper that told me when he had his nappy changed and what he had eaten throughout the day. Then I was given back his coat and his belongings and that was it. The end of his first day of nursery.


He has only been to nursery for the one day and already I can see a difference. He is much more independent and hasn’t cried as soon as I leave the room. Meaning that dinner took half as long to cook and I actually got to play with the little man himself while cooking it. The bedtime routine was much easier because all of that exploring had tired him out and overall I had a baby that was even more contented than normal.


So not only do I have a much happier baby, I have also had the opportunity to work on my projects and goals. If he is in nursery for two days a week, I can work on these things solidly for two days, meaning that for the other 5 days a week, I get to give Bear my undivided attention. I think I’m onto a good thing here with this nursery malarkey.


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