Bear’s 1st Christmas

There’s lots to be joyful about at Christmas. We become surrounded by family and friends, we have an abundance of wonderful food and if we’re lucky, we get to watch Grandad get a scolding from Nanny because he has had a tipple too many and has started telling crude jokes.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas from our little bubble.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas from our little bubble.


However as grown-ups, the magic of Christmas is lost slightly, as we no longer anxiously sit next to our bedroom window, hoping to see the big guy himself riding on his sleigh, pulled by magical flying reindeer and we realise that Christmas Day no longer consists of playing with your toys and eating chocolate but instead consists of cooking, cooking, cooking some more and then after all that cooking, finding that the chocolate has all been eaten and settle for a leftover potato.


This year however, the magic of Christmas was restored because this year we introduced our beautiful baby boy into the world and so we got to celebrate this year’s Christmas in a child – like way all over again.


I thought back to my Christmases as a child and the first thought that popped into my head was the huge Christmas tree my Dad bought every year. Having a real Christmas tree brought the smell of Christmas into our home and so we decided to show our munchkin what the start of Christmas smelt like. Of course unlike my childhood Christmases we have a rather mischievous and teething Dalmatian puppy running around our house and so we tried to keep tinsel and ribbon at bay this year. We didn’t want to come home to a puppy trapped under the Christmas tree because she had learnt the hard way that the ribbon is attached to the tree.

Choosing 'the one' is an all night job.
Choosing ‘the one’ is an all night job.
It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.


However, despite our best efforts our puppy managed to get hold of the odd decoration and so we then spent the last few weeks of the Christmas build up repeatedly taking our Christmas decorations back from our puppy, who then sat so angelically under the Christmas tree.

Lots of spots under the Christmas tree.
Lots of spots under the Christmas tree.


Anyway, we made it to Christmas Day with a majority of our Christmas tree and our Christmas decorations intact. So we got to pile up the presents under and around the Christmas tree, ready for the present opening to commence.


Bear of course got spoilt rotten. Being the first Grandchild on both sides of the family definitely worked well for him this year. But more importantly, it meant that he had new toys to play with without getting bored in under two minutes and so I got to drink an actual hot cup of tea.

Oliver and his Christmas presents.
Bear and his Christmas presents.


We couldn’t spoil one without spoiling the other though and so our puppy, Fawn got to have a few presents too. The two munchkins were kept so occupied by their new toys that a wonderful peacefulness lay over our house for an entire 30 minutes. It was golden.

Oliver's and Fawn's 1st Christmas.
Bear’s and Fawn’s 1st Christmas.


But it wasn’t just the children that got bought some new toys.

Mr. C and his new toy.
Mr. C and his new toy.

Yes that is Mr.C playing with a remote control helicopter – Thanks Nan.


Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a hearty, Christmas Dinner, some good, traditional, English Christmas TV and a good long nap.


Oh it really is the season to be jolly.


See you again next year Christmas.

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