Family day trip – The Natural History Museum

Family day trip to the Natural History Museum, London.
Family day trip to the Natural History Museum, London.


The Natural History Museum is one of the top 3 attractions in Britain – falling behind only the British museum and The National Portrait Gallery.


The Natural History Museum has lots to offer and generally tries it’s best to educate us on our planet and our impact of it. But most excitedly, it has a lot of dinosaurs there too and I love dinosaurs.


The Museum is very child friendly and has lots of interactive elements throughout to get the kids involved. This is probably why I have such fond memories of visiting the museum as a child.


So, how is it visiting the museum with a baby and pushchair?

Daddy and Oliver watching the world go by.
Daddy and Bear watching the world go by.


To reach London, we had to embark on a three hour train journey and a 30 minute stint on the tube. The train journey wasn’t too bad, but then generally Bear is quite happy being entertained with books, mirrors, food and cuddles. However, the London underground with a pushchair isn’t the easiest transport to endure. Despite all the hustle, bustle and oh so many steps, Oli slept through and seemed to find the tube journey soothing.


Exquisite architecture.


After the treacherous train journey, we finally reached the museum. The architecture of this building is phenomenal and despite queuing for over an hour, it seemed to go by quicker as we took in the wonderful structure. The museum reminded me a lot of the castle in Beauty and the Beast and was enchanting to look at.


Greeted by Dippy the Diplodocus.
Greeted by Dippy the Diplodocus.


Eventually we got inside and were greeted by Dippy the Diplodocus. What a sight to see as your first glimpse of the wonderful exhibits in the museum. This iconic dinosaur cast towers above its many visitors and really makes you envision a world dominated by dinosaurs millions of years ago.


Of course the museum has more to offer than just dinosaurs, as you make your way through the museum you come across some impressive exhibits, from creepy crawlies to mammals, from birds to reptiles, even natural events and space is covered.


Animals of our world.

One specific exhibit that stuck in my mind, is the taxidermied animals. There are some majestic animals, from the polar bear to the lion. There is a strong sense of sadness as you walk past animals and birds – such as the dodo – that have been made extinct by human actions. The underlying message is quite clear, we need to be more conscious of our activity and the effect that activity has on the world around us and its other inhabitants. This message is something I want my children to be aware of and so for me, this was a wonderfully powerful exhibit.


Dinosaur exhibit - The Natural History Museum, London.
Dinosaur exhibit – The Natural History Museum, London.


The Natural History Museum wouldn’t be complete without their dinosaurs. It makes programmes such as; ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ and ‘Planet Dinosaur’ that little bit more real when you walk past these huge skeletons and casts of these incredible creatures.

The mechanical T - Rex at the Natural History Museum.
The mechanical T – Rex at the Natural History Museum.


Throughout the museum there are some wonderful interactive elements, which bring the museum to life, such as the earthquake simulation and the mechanical T – Rex. These parts of the museum are especially great for children and make learning about the natural world a lot more fun.


So if you’re stumped for a Family Day Trip, take a trip to London’s Natural History Museum. It’s free, it’s interactive and it’s great for the whole family. Just make sure you bring a packed lunch and some bottled water, to stop yourself paying over the odds for your meals and drinks.


*Note that the Natural History Museum relies heavily on donations, you can donate in various places around the museum or on their website.


Have you ever been to the Natural History Museum? What did you think of the Museum? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook.

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