Bathtime Bonanza – Mothercare Aqua Pod Review

Ah, bathtime, what a wonderful time of day. Water everywhere, a fresh pile of dirty washing on the floor and a baby who no longer likes to be laying down or held in the bathtub, because he is big enough to embrace bathtime on his own.


Except actually he isn’t.


He is actually only 8 months old and has only just mastered sitting up, so add a slippery bathtub and some toy boats that keep getting just out of reach and we have… a disaster waiting to happen.


But do not fear because Mothercare have come to the rescue with a bath aid for the ‘independent’ baby. Introducing the Mothercare Aqua Pod.


Oliver love the Mothercare Aqua Pod.
Bear loves the Mothercare Aqua Pod.


This nifty little device is a must have for the independent baby. First of all, the non – slip mat prevents slips and falls when reaching for those pesky, just out of reach, toy boats. Then there is the shaped seat that offers a bit of back support for your little one when sitting in the bathtub. There is also a T- shaped bar which offers a bit more stability and gives your little one something to hold on to. There are suction pads on both the seat and the mat, and so the Aqua Pod tends to stay put, which is ideal for babies that are always wanting to be on the move.


The Aqua Pod does have a hot – spot feature that is meant to be able to indicate if the bath water is too hot for your little one. However, this only works properly if you fill the bath with cold water first and then add the hot water afterwards. If, like us, you put the hot water in first and then add the cold, the indicator will tell you that the bathtub is like a lava pit and therefore far too hot to put your baby into for some time, regardless of if the bath water is actually of the right temperature. But if you can judge water temperature using your own skin or have a baby bath thermometer then this shouldn’t be too much of a downer for you.


The length of the bath mat on the Aqua Pod means you can continue to use it when your family grows and enables you to bath a baby and a toddler at the same time. Look at that for forward thinking.


The Aqua Pod is a rather good little gadget and makes bathtime fun. My son loves it and I would definitely recommend this product, but please do keep in mind that bath aids do not keep babies and children safe from harm and so must be supervised at all times when using this product.


Available from Mothercare for £29.99*.


Also available in pink.


*Prices shown are correct at time of purchase in January 2015.


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