At home with Mr & Miss. C – May 2015

So it’s been a while since I have written a general update about the goings on in our household and so I felt it was time to give you a little update.


At home with Mr & Miss. C.
At home with Mr & Miss. C.


In my last update I told you we had started trying for another baby, after our heart-breaking miscarriage last year. Well as it turns out, we fell pregnant within nine days of trying and we are pleased to officially announce that we are expecting baby number two in October 2015.


We are proud to announce we are due our next beautiful little bundle October 2015.
We are proud to announce we are due our next beautiful little bundle October 2015.


We feel a lot more prepared this time and have already picked out names. Both are slightly quirky (much to the dismay of my Grandmother and Mr. C’s mother). I’ve already gone into overdrive trying to work out how I’m going to cope with two children under two and have started preparing already. So watch this space for all of the updates on the pregnancy and our preparations for going from a family of four (including puppy dog) to a family of five (including puppy dog).



As for Bear, he has been on a rather speedy road to growing up and at 10 months took his first steps. So now he’s off, whizzing around and exploring the house on a whole new level. Literally. Trying to keep up with him is a rather tricky task, especially as he can now reach so much more. His new favourite game is opening kitchen cupboard doors, so the kitchen has joined the list of baby proofed rooms (much to the dismay of Bear). But don’t worry, he has worked out that the kitchen drawers haven’t been baby proofed, and he loves to empty those out as punishment for me ever trying to stop him exploring the cleaning and food cupboards. Who knew tinned tuna was so exciting?


Oliver's 1st birthday.
Bear’s 1st birthday.


We then had Bear’s 1st birthday. I’m still scratching my head as to where the time has gone. It feels like only yesterday he would sleep on me chest for hours at a time. Now he is too busy exploring to have cuddles and has limited them to once a day before bed.


For Bear’s birthday we decided to have two parties. One for Bear’s baby friends and one for family. We opted for a babies teddy bear’s picnic on the Friday afternoon and a family Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on the Saturday afternoon. Our logic was that if we mixed the two together, the family would be cuddling Bear and playing with him all the time and he wouldn’t get to see his little friends. With my family living so far away, it also meant that they got to spend quality time with Bear and I got to catch up with them properly.


The Teddy bear’s picnic was relatively low key and it meant that us Mums could all have a catch up. Now people are back at work, it can be rather difficult to see each other as often as we would like.


Mad Hatter's tea party.
Mad Hatter’s tea party.


For the Mad Hatter’s Tea party, we put in loads of effort and Mr. C and I baked a Queen of Hearts cake from scratch. I also made my famous cookies and put a Queen of Hearts spin on them. We were also sent a letterbox cake from Baker Days to help us celebrate the occasion. With so many goodies laid out, it is safe to say that nobody went hungry.


Oliver's 1st birthday
Bear’s 1st birthday


A few days after Bear’s birthday, I had my driving test. Being one of those people that just doesn’t fail things, I put myself under so much pressure I thought my nerves would get the better of me. However, as I drove back into the test centre I was told I had passed my driving test and so I now have a PINK driving license. Living in the countryside and being without a car is somewhat restricting, so passing my driving test is such a huge thing for me. Not being able to take Bear to things was really starting to get me down, so I’m so happy that I can now take Bear swimming and we can go on lots of little adventures together.


Castle and crown Pandora charm.
Castle and crown Pandora charm.


I didn’t actually tell Mr. C that my test was coming up and so when I told him I had passed, he was in a bit of shock and then was extremely happy that he didn’t have to do all the food shops anymore. As a congratulations present Mr. C took me to buy my very first car and I’m now the proud owner of a Peugeot 207. He didn’t stop there though, he also treated me to a new Pandora Charm, some lovely Estee Lauder make – up and a lovely Italian dinner.


Oliver wanted to make sure everything was in full working order.
Bear wanted to make sure everything was in full working order.


During the dinner some of the wait staff gave Bear some colouring pencils and paper. Much to our amazement he started scribbling away on the paper. It looks like we have a Picasso on our hands.


Our little artist in the making.
Our little artist in the making.


Now Bear is one and tottering around, we took him to a soft play centre for the very first time. The one we went to has different areas for different ages, so we started in the sensory play room for babies. There were lots of different lights, mirrors on the walls and a light up ball pit in this room and Bear wasn’t sure where to start.



We then took him to the soft play area for under three’s. In this area amongst the various different activities were loads of large, squashy shapes, a soft merry go round, some distortion mirrors and a slide into a large ball pit. Of course Bear is a bit too small to go down the slide on his own and I’m growing a sizeable bump already, so Mr. C took him on it. I’m not sure who was having more fun if I’m honest.



So there is our latest household update. It has been a very busy few months, with lots of exciting things going on. This year is shaping up to be very full of adventures indeed.


You can keep up to date with what we have been up to on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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