At home with Mr & Miss. C – January 2015

Last year we bought our first home together, shortly followed by bringing our first bouncing baby into the world and then our bounding puppy Fawn. So last year was a strong year for family life.

Family photo


However this year, while we want to extend our beautiful family some more, we wanted to also work on our professional goals. So this January we had a good think about where we wanted to be in five years’ time and how we wanted to get there.

So we kicked off 2015 with setting ourselves some work goals. For Mr. C that meant to begin saving for his buy to let empire and for me that meant starting to take blogging seriously, while writing my first book.


At the end of last year we had a miscarriage, which was utterly heart-breaking. We had wanted a very small age gap between Bear and our next bouncing bundle, but it appears the timing wasn’t quite right for us. However, we have now been given the all clear to start trying again and so January has become the starting point of a very exciting adventure.


2015 reading challenge.
2015 reading challenge.

With so much going on in our lives it is hard to imagine trying to cram anything else in, but after realising how little I read last year, I decided to make a conscious effort to read more during 2015 and so I embarked on a reading challenge. I love to read and with such a hectic lifestyle, it is good to take some time to myself and get my nose stuck deep into a book. You can read more about my reading challenge here.


One of the biggest things for our family this month is that Bear started nursery for two days a week. I’m from a very large family, which meant I was left with other people, aside from my parents growing up. I feel that this ability from a young age to develop a bond with people, aside from my parents was integral to my upbringing and made me the extremely confident and outgoing person I am today. Unfortunately we don’t live close to family and so Bear does miss out somewhat on that experience, so we decided nursery would be the next best thing. Not only is it important that he creates a bond with other adults, it is also important that he has the opportunity to be around other babies his age. Babies and children learn important skills from one another, including social skills. Just from being at nursery for one month, he is a much more confident baby and his progress physically and mentally has developed in leaps and bounds since starting nursery.


Oliver is on the move.
Bear is on the move.

Bear can now crawl with ease, pull himself up and even better can sit himself back down again without bumping his head (most of the time). With every learning milestone, Mr. C and I get a bit emotional. As Bear’s independence grows, we realise just how quickly he is growing up. With him being at nursery, we now appreciate the time we have with him, meaning that when he is at home, we do more with him and try to cling onto every precious moment.


We can’t do a monthly family update without giving you the low – down on how our Dalmatian puppy Fawn is doing. She has some big teeth now and so the constant chewing of everything has slowed down somewhat. Unfortunately for my purse and my new Ralph Lauren cardigan, it hasn’t stopped entirely. It appears Fawn isn’t money conscious when selecting her target. However she has now got an understanding of some basic commands, such as: ‘sit’, ‘wait’, ‘lay – down’ and ‘here’. It’s just a case of fine-tuning those before we move onto some new commands.


Fawn loves her new Ditsy Pet collar.
Fawn loves her new Ditsy Pet collar.

Fawn has been bought a new Collar for her ever growing self. We went for an Aztec design as she isn’t the most ladylike pup and a floral collar just seemed a bit silly. As you can see from the picture, she is quite fond of her new collar and magically it has stayed free of mud for nearly a week now.


Family day trip to the Natural History Museum in London.
Family day trip to the Natural History Museum in London.

Finally, we had our first family day trip of the year with our visit the Natural History Museum with two of our closest friends from the great, warmer south. Bear had his first experience on a long distance train journey and the London Underground. We all also experienced a rather aggressive man who was extremely annoyed that we couldn’t go through the normal barriers with a pushchair, which meant he had to wait an entire 30 seconds longer in the queue.


The museum itself was great, Bear seemed to enjoy all of the colours and noises (although he slept through the Earthquake simulation). Bear wasn’t a fan of the mechanical T – Rex and shortly after he burst into tears next to the huge, roaring dinosaur, we moved swiftly on. He seemed to like the very dead bones of the dinosaurs a lot more than the mechanically brought back to life one. As for Mr. C and I, we learnt a fair bit about our planet and the dinosaurs that used to roam it. We obviously had to get a picture with the big guy in the entrance hall, as they will be replacing him with a Blue Whale skeleton. As much as it is sad to see this iconic dinosaur cast be moved, it is great that the museum is tackling modern day, environmental issues with the education of human impact on planet earth.


So there you have it, our January 2015. It’s been quite a busy start to the year with a number of changes, but we are all extremely looking forward to what the rest of this year has to offer.


What have you and your family done this January? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook.

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